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How To Use

How to Use Our Products

Exfoliate: We recommend using the exfoliating pads around 2-3 times a week focusing on ingrowns or problem areas.

Soft & Supple: use as many drops as needed daily (after bathing or showering) to treat and soften ingrown hairs so they can easily slide out of the skin.

Soothe & Glow Serum: for use as a spot treatment - massage a few drops into skin after each hair removal session to prevent ingrowns, soothe redness & rashes. For use as a preventative measure - if you’re more prone to bumps and razor rash use 1-3 drops across the whole area as required. 

Scar Away Serum: to help fade scars & smooth uneven textures massage into skin twice a day

Repeat: once you have determined the routine that works best for you 'rinse & repeat' for consistent results!